Yamaha Outboard Motor Repair

Yamaha Outboard motor repair Brisbane Queensland are carried out by a company that has been around for many years. The company is known as Yamaha Australia and is one of the largest engine parts suppliers in Australia. They have branches in all major cities throughout Australia including Brisbane and have many mechanics in place to service all different kinds of motor requirements from marine engines to marine generators, diesel generators, outboard motors and more. You can also find them servicing electric motors and even jet aircraft at their facilities. Many of their other services include oil changes, transmission care, troubleshooting marine engines, generators, after-market accessory service and general vehicle repair.


All Yamaha Outboard motor repairs Brisbane Queensland come with a guarantee that you will be able to get your motor repaired quickly and at a fair price. Many of these repairs actually consist of replacing the main problem with a new unit and then giving you a detailed repair plan to follow so that when your next oil change comes you will know exactly where you should be and not waste time or money sending your motor out to someone else. Most shops will have plenty of knowledge about your specific make and model of Yamaha engine so it won’t be a difficult job. If however, there is a problem you are unsure of, then you should always consult with the manual that came with your machine. Most manuals are relatively comprehensive and may even contain troubleshooting tips or notes that will be useful when contacting customer service.


In the case of an engine problem, you can send your Yamaha outboard motor repair request to the Yamaha Australia headquarters located in Brisbane, Queensland. They will come to your home or place of business to assess the damage, and then either repair your engine or replace it completely. They will usually charge you for this, but will then offer you a service contract so that you will be fully covered should you ever need their services for any other motor or engine problem in the future. There are many dealerships in both Brisbane and Queensland, so if yours isn’t nearby, no problem because they can all ship to you!

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