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Event Signage Newcastle

Event Signage Newcastle is a specialist company that provides specialist event signage throughout the North East of the UK. Event signage refers to the implementation of marketing and advertising at an event such as a conference, trade show or sporting event. Most specialist sign companies will offer a wide range of options which can include signage for branding and image development and the creation of media space. We have experienced designers who will work closely with you to create a bespoke and customised sign that not only engages and attracts the target audience but is an attention-grabbing and highly functional addition to any venue.


Event Management and Signage Newcastle are a specialist company that has years of experience providing a wide range of signage within the North East. This company is experienced in delivering design and production solutions for brand events such as corporate events, trade shows, conferences, promotional sales promotions, festival promotions, live entertainment and more. By utilising the most up to date technology and innovative manufacturing techniques Event Management and Signage Newcastle can help you transform any outdoor or indoor environment into an engaging and inspiring space. With an extensive range of high quality signage and LED technology Event Management and Signage Newcastle can create any type of environment from an exhibition pavilion to a grandstand. Whatever the size or shape of your space, we can ensure that it will be designed to suit your requirements.


What types of signage are available? Event Management and Signage Newcastle offer a wide range of signage options to help you organise your event. From large banner graphics to smaller posters and name boards you will be able to find a solution to suit your particular needs and budget. You may be looking for something that has a more personal feel such as customised event signage to display your business name and logo, our highly skilled event designers can create this for you. If you require extra safety signage or another form of mass communication then we have the technology to provide you with a solution as well. Regardless, of what your needs or desires are from an exhibition or corporate event we can tailor our services to suit you perfectly.

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