Fireworks in Chicago

Fireworks in Chicago are a tradition that has been enjoyed for decades. The city’s Office of Cultural Affairs and Special Events faces a difficult task planning these celebrations, but the city also offers residents the opportunity to put on their own displays. A firework display is legal in Chicago, and requires a permit. The process involves a thorough application, insurance, and on-site inspections from the Chicago Fire Department. In addition, the fireworks display must receive the support of the local alderman and property owners. This is done to minimize the risk of injury to neighbors and the public.

The Philosophy Of Fireworks In Chicago

There are several great viewing areas for the July 4 Chicago fireworks. The Navy Pier hosts an annual summer fireworks show, which can be enjoyed beginning May 25. The displays are timed to music and synchronized to the sound of the lake. The shows take place on Wednesday and Saturday night during the summer, and continue through Labor Day. The venue may add additional shows throughout the year. There are several ways to enjoy fireworks in Chicago.

If you want to watch the festivities without having to deal with the noise, fireworks in Chicago are available throughout the city and suburbs. Fox Lake has a lakefront park, and Burr Ridge hosts a show in the community park. Volunteer Park in Burr Ridge, Lukancic Middle School, Community and Discovery parks, and the Sandwich Fairgrounds all host fireworks shows. For more information, visit the city’s website.

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