Charleston SC Rentals and Rental Trends

Charleston SC Rentals and Rental Trends

If you are Charleston remodelling experts considering a SCRUBA diving adventure, you should consider Charleston SC renovations as an option to make your vacation fun and safe. With many new SCRUBA diving tours available, diving anywhere in Charleston is now possible with the use of a scuba tank. The Columbia River is no longer a problem for SCRUBA divers. Many new bridges have been built as well as many new trails that families can explore. In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, SCRUBA divers also enjoy the opportunity to explore the underwater world of Charleston’s marine life.


If you are looking for a condo for your vacation home or business, you can find many condominiums and town homes in Charleston’s new Winyah area. Condos now range in luxury from top units to low income units and are located in beautiful wooded areas with little maintenance required. The clean, well-maintained condominiums in the Winyah area provide easy access to shopping, dining and night life. Due to the new construction and low cost of construction, most condos are priced below market value.


One advantage of the Charleston SC real estate market is the availability of short sales. Short sales allow sellers to get rid of a property while completing the mortgage loan and avoiding a default of the loan. Properties in the foreclosure process may still be in the process of being sold, but it is best to avoid these if at all possible. Condo owners who wish to sell can take advantage of short sales and lease the property out to a new owner. This allows condo owners to build cash flow while taking care of their monthly mortgage payments.

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